Window Well Cover Installation

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Window Well InstallationWhy Window Well Covers are a Must

If you live in the Milwaukee area, and have a basement, chances are you have basement windows and window wells. While these basement windows provide much needed light in your basement, they often cause problems by making your home vulnerable to nature and intruders, and can even be a safety hazard.

Don’t fear! Your answer to all of these concerns is simple: window well covers. By making this easy home improvement, you can protect your home and its occupants from a range of issues.

Window well covers…

Protect your home from the elements. Large holes by your home’s foundation create pockets that will collect rain, snow, leaves, twigs, and other debris. Held against your home, large quantities of any of these can cause damage: mildew or rot from excess water, foundational cracks from ice, clogged drains from debris, you name it. A snug window well cover keeps all of these elements out.

Guard against intruders. Ironically, while the purpose of egress windows is safety, if you have egress windows they many leave your home vulnerable to intruders. Many window well covers have security features that keep humans and animals out, while providing an easy escape from the inside. Even children can manage the easy-to-use lock features on many window wells, meaning they can get out but nothing can get in.

Make your yard safe for children and animals. Uncovered window wells are a disaster waiting to happen. Children, animals, or even adults can trip on or fall into a window well if they are not paying careful attention. Often, a homeowner may use landscaping to hide unsightly window wells, which make them even more difficult to notice and avoid. Most window well covers provide a surface to stop falls that can support several hundred pounds. You can even install window well covers that are flush with the ground to avoid the risk of tripping.

DIY Installation

Window well cover installation is an easy home DIY project. Here are the materials you’ll need and the steps to follow:


  • Window well installation | WauwatosaTape Measure
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • New Window Well Cover

Installation steps

  1. Measure your window well width at both the front and back, where it makes contact with the house. Then, measure from the house to the outside edge of the window well in at least two places.
  2. Note the shape of your window well. It may be rounded, have square corners, or have gently rounded corners in a U shape. Finally, check to see if the back of the cover needs to slip into an opening above the window and below the siding.
  3. Center the new cover over the window well with the back side flush against the house.
  4. Measure 4-6 inches in front the house wall on both sides of the cover and mark with painters tape. Then mark the place on the tape where the window well edge and the cover touch.
  5. Remove the new cover from the window well. Place the marked section of the cover on top of a scrap 2’x4’ to protect the plastic. Drill a hole in the tape that is slightly larger than the screws supplied with the new cover.This hole should be directly through the marked section of the tape.
  6. Install the clips that came with the cover so they will fit snugly over the edge of the window well.
  7. Fit the cover on the window well. Make sure there is no buckling of the cover or bends in the clips.
  8. Enjoy!

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