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Toilet Installation | Milwaukee & Wauwatosa
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Don’t Have a Toilet Yet? Consider this… 

For convenience sake, it goes without saying that the toilet is one of the most important facilities in any home. When it comes to buying a toilet bowl, there are several important factors to put into consideration, including how well it flushes, the amount of water it uses, its color and cost. A good toilet should be capable of conserving water and at the same time, generating enough power to perfectly clean the bowl with a single flush.

If you are looking to purchase a toilet bowl, here are some helpful tips to guide you in making the right choice that will fit both your budget and bathroom.

Go for quality

Obviously, quality doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth the money. A cheap toilet cannot exert a powerful flush. If you plan on staying in your home a while, get a good one. You will be using your toilet virtually every day for years to come. For a pressure-assist toilet, you will need to spend about $225 to $600 and $100 to $500 for a gravity model.

Consider a dual-flush toilet

Compared to the regular 1.6-gpf toilet, dual-flush toilets use lesser amount of water (about 25 percent). They have a 1.6-gpf button for solids and a 0.8-gpf button for liquids. These also come in pressure-assist and gravity models.

Bigger bowls: think twice!

Many people want a more stylish elongated bowl, which are 2” longer than standard round bowls. If you are looking to make an upgrade, it is, however, imperative to take some measurements before purchasing. Two inches may not sound like much, but some bathrooms simply aren’t big enough to accommodate the added size.

Measure the rough-in before purchase

Your toilet choices will be limited by the distance from the middle of the flange bolts holding down the toilet to the wall. It is best to choose a toilet with the same rough-in with your toilet, except if you are significantly remodeling.

Consider toilet height

Taller and older people may find it very comfortable to use toilets with higher bowls, however, this may not be the right option for shorter folks and kids. Try to sit on the toilet in the store to get a better feel beforehand if you are not sure of the right bowl to install.

Consider a wall-mounted toilet

For the sake of cleaning, one-piece toilets feature fewer nooks and crannies thereby making them very easy to clean. But when compared to a separate bowl and tank toilet they tend to be a lot heavier. Their prices are also on the high side. Consider a wall-mounted toilet, if you want truly easy cleaning or feeling flush.

Gravity toilets vs. pressure-assist toilets

Unlike gravity toilets, pressure-assist toilets are generally known to be more water-efficient flushers. They are great at removing waste thoroughly with one flush due to the high velocity of water released from their tanks. However, they are a lot noisier and pricier than gravity models. Their parts are also difficult to find.

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